70's Honda XL175 Dual Sport Specification

Honda XL175 Dual Sport Specification
Honda XL175

Honda XL175 Specification

The detailed specs of Honda XL175 Like the oil capacity, Tires, bore x stroke, exhaust, etc were shown in the table below.

Honda   XL 175 Specification
Manufacturer Honda
Also called XL   175
Production 1973   - 1978
Class Dual   sport
Predecessor Honda   SL175
Successor Honda   XL185
Engine 175cc   single cylinder, four-stroke
Spark Plug NGK   B7ES `73[1]
Battery YUASA   6N6-3B `73[1]
Front Tire 2.75-21   `73[1]
Rear Tire 3.50-18   `73[1]
Recommended Oil Honda   GN4 10W-40
Competition Kawasaki   F7, Harley-Davidson SX175

Honda XL175

Honda XL175 was a dual sport bike which has 175cc Displacement 4-Stroke engine, produced Along 1973 to 1977-1978. Depend on the weight, Honda XL175 was best for Trail or Street riding because it's way better than the other contemporary typical 2-strokes dual sport. The style is also cool, raised front fender, upsweft exhaust system.

Honda XL175 Dual Sport Specification

1977 Honda XL175

The XL175'77 was sold in 1977 in Black with Tahitian Red. The gas tank and side covers were black. The gas tank stripe was red with a white pinstripe. The fenders were red painted plastic. The "XL175" side cover decal was red, outlined in white. 

1977 Honda XL175
1977 Honda XL175
The wheel hubs were painted silver. The instrumentation had only the speedometer and no tachometer. The exhaust system was upswept and now on the left side of the bike. The engine was a 173cc OHC single cylinder linked to a 5-speed transmission. The serial number began XL175-4100001. (Cyclechaos)

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Honda XL175 Modification

It's a bit hard to modify Enduro Bike if it's still keep the  Original parts In the end. But if it's sacrifice all the things and this XL175 Extremely Makeover, then it's okay. Honda XL175 Can be shaped into any models like the following Honda XL175 Modifications :

Honda XL175 Cafe Racer Modification

As explained above, Cafe Racer and enduro is a bit far. But people's creativity seems unbound. There are some XL175 Cafe racer Modification that do exist.

Honda XL175 Cafe Racer