Acura NSX Type R

Honda Acura NSX Type R 

In spite of the fact that the NSX already had rivals in Ferrari and Porsche, Honda came to the conclusion that it could accomplish even more with the NSX. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the NSX needed a variant that was more focused on performance and included an engine that was more potent as well as a lighter body. Engineers from Honda began with a standard NSX coupe and immediately began an intensive program to cut the vehicle's overall weight. Some of the sound deadening material, the audio system, the spare tire, the air conditioning system, and the traction control system were removed, as well as some of the electrical equipment.

Honda Acura NSX Type R 1992 White
Honda Acura NSX Type R 1992-1995 White

The lightweight carbon-kevlar racing seats made by Recaro for Honda replaced the motorized leather seats that were previously in the vehicle. Nevertheless, the electric windows and the electric seat adjustments have been preserved. The standard forged alloy wheels on the vehicle were switched out for Enkei's lighter forged aluminum wheels, which resulted in a reduction in the unsprung weight of the vehicle. A carved piece of titanium took the place of the stock leather shift knob in this vehicle. Overall, Honda was able to shave off around 120 kilograms of weight, bringing the total weight of the NSX-R down to 1,230 kilograms.

Honda Acura NSX Type R 1995 White
Honda Acura NSX Type R 1995 White

During certain types of cornering maneuvers, the mid-engine configuration of the original NSX and the rear-end link travel caused the vehicle to be prone to unexpected oversteer. This situation occurred quite infrequently, although it was significantly more often on race courses, where the speeds were significantly greater. 

Honda Acura NSX Type R 2005
Honda Acura NSX Type R 2005

To solve the issue and make the Honda NSX-R more stable when cornering at high speeds, Honda added one aluminum bracket under the front battery tray and one aluminum bracket in front of the front radiator to increase the chassis's level of rigidity. They also replaced the entire suspension with one that featured a more rigid front sway bar, more rigid suspension bushings, more rigid coil springs, and more rigid dampers.

Honda Acura NSX Type R 2021

The First-Generation NSX-R is the lightest of any of the NSX versions at 1,230 kg, and it is capable of scorching track performance. However, the ride may be jarring and noisy due to the stiff suspension bushings, stiff spring rates, and lack of sound insulation. Beginning in the latter part of November 1992, Honda began production of a total of 483 different NSX-R models that were intended solely for sale on the Japanese domestic market. 

Acura NSX Type R 2022

Acura NSX Type R  steering wheel interior
Acura NSX Type R  steering wheel

Air conditioning, a Bose stereo system, carbon fiber trim center console with carbon fiber door trim, and beginning in 1994, championship white painted larger wheels were among the factory optional items that could be purchased for a hefty premium price. Other factory optional items included a Bose stereo system. The last episode was filmed in September of 1995.

Honda Acura NSX Type R Specification

  • Engine type - Number of cylinders :    V 6
  • Engine Code :    C32B
  • Fuel type :    Petrol
  • Fuel System :    Honda PGM-Fi fuel injection
  • Coolant :    Water
  • Engine Alignment :    Transverse
  • Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity :    3179 cm3 or 194 cu-in
  • Bore x Stroke :    93.00 x 78.00 mm
  • 3.66 x 3.07 inches
  • Number of valves :    24 Valves
  • Aspiration :    N/A
  • Compression Ratio :    10.20
  • Maximum power - Output - Horsepower :    280 PS or 276 bhp or 206 kW @ 7300 rpm
  • Maximum torque :    304.0 Nm or 224 lb.ft @ 7300 rpm
  • Drive wheels - Traction - Drivetrain :    RWD
  • Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds :   
  • 6 speed Manual Transmission relations
  • Body :    CoupĂ©
  • Num. of Doors :    2
  • Wheelbase :    253 cm or 99.61 inches
  • Length :    443 cm or 174.41 inches
  • Width :    181 cm or 71.26 inches
  • Height :    116 cm or 45.67 inches
  • Front Axle :    151 cm or 59.45 inches
  • Rear Axle :    154 cm or 60.63 inches
  • Ground clearance :    12.5 cm / 4.92 inches
  • Ground clearance :    12.5 cm / 4.92 inches
  • Aerodynamic drag coefficient - Cx :    -
  • Front Brakes - Disc dimensions :    Vented Discs (- mm)
  • Rear Brakes - Dics dimensions :    Vented Discs (- mm)
  • Front Tyres - Rims dimensions :    215/40 R17
  • Rear Tyres - Rims dimensions :    255/40 R17
  • Front Wheels Width :    7"
  • Rear Wheels Width :    9"
  • Curb Weight :    1270 kg OR 2800 lbs
  • Weight-Power Output Ratio :    4.5 kg/hp
  • Trunk / Boot capacity :    - L

 NSX Type-R 0-60 Acceleration